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Web:    - phone: +30-26740-72.041 - Mobile: +30-6947-022.997 - Email:

Info for taxi, car  and motorcycles rentals at POROS & SKALA  

in KEFALONIA Island, Ionian Sea, Greece

Be aware that this catalog is rather incomplete and includes only few of the providers since every years new companies appear in order to respond to the increase demand of vehicles during the summer period. Please note that some of the rental companies do provide on demand cars at Argostoli Airport.


Mr Thimios  +30-6932-763.527

SUNBIRD KEFALONIA motorbike & car rental


GREEK-STONEs rend a car Kefalonia

CBR KEFALONIA car rendal 

HERTZ kefalonia

Cars at


SARA CAR RENTALS by beach the aside the river of Poros   tel. +30-26740-72882,  mobile: +30-6972-212.585

Web:    - phone: +30-26740-72.041 - Mobile: +30-6947-022.997 - Email: